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   Ali Evsen is a founder and leader of the companies of "Star" LLC, "Star-Taxi", "Evsen" Group, "Elite" Shopping and Entertainment Complex, "Elite" Hotel, "Queen" Entertainment Center, "A" Leasing Company, "Star" LLC television plant, "AzSamand" car factory, "Azerbaijan Electronics" household appliances production plant, "Carpet factory", "Elite Medica" Pharmacy Network, "Star OIL" LLC, "Evsen Group-Albania", "MGPC" Gas Pipeline Ltd., "GYGESS" textile and "Dunya" Polystyrene Group factories.

He was born in Adana city, Turkey in 1962. After graduated secondary school and lyceum, he got the bachelor degree of the faculty of Law of Baku State University. Ali Evsen began to the professional activity in 1983 and was engaged with small and medium business in Turkey till 1991.

Since 1992, Ali Evsen has been one of the first entrepreneurs who was engaged with wide business activity in the independent Azerbaijan Republic, invested the capital to the economy of the country, fixed up for a job thousands of people, carried different charity events and thus, strengthened his position helping to the intensive development at business area of Azerbaijan. During this period, he established several companies that performed the trade and service activities. The opening of the first free trade shop in Azerbaijan is related with his name. During trading activity, Ali Evsen opened the first private trading way in bringing the first container from Dubai to Azerbaijan.

The industrial and commercial enterprises created by Ali Evsen played the most significant role at the development of the economy of the country and the condition creating to the development of the private sector switched "green light" to the implementation of this work. The effective projects have been implemented as a result of tense, continuous labor of million employees working at the company that just he leads. Generally may innovations entered to business environment of Azerbaijan is related with just Ali Evsens name.


   "Evsen" Group begun to the activity since 1992 set up the different companies at the various sector of economy and occupied peculiar place at the economy of Azerbaijan, passing long developing way during this term.

The stable and favorable condition was created for development of small, medium and large enterprise as a result of continuing successfully economic reforms by the President of Azerbaijan Republic Mr. Ilham Aliyev that was established by our nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev and at the same time, determining correctly the strategy of use of oil incomes that began the flow into the country.

"Evsen" Group realizes clearly the responsibility over it at the increase of economic development of our country and the level of prosperity of people as being one of the leading companies of Azerbaijan. The world experience shows that the role of great economic subjects, holding typed companies is great at the provision of economic development of the countries.

"Evsen" Group of Companies prospered important achievements during the last 20 years. Between them that I would like to note firstly, the creation of regional networks on the country. "Evsen" Group of Companies is concentrating its activity on the different sectors (industrial sectors, service sectors, manufacturing sectors, trading sectors, financial sectors).

As well as within the country, we widened our network in foreign countries during this period. So, that during passed period, then "Evsen" Group of Companies established its representative offices in Albania, France and Spain. After "Evsen" Group of Companies established affiliated company "Evsen Group-Albania" LLC in Albania.

"Evsen" Group of Companies, targeted to be international company, beside increase of efficiency of its foreign representative offices and branch network, has great attention to their broadening. I want to state that our company will develop more and will make positive impact to our common achievement.

Our Government and we bear great responsibility for achieved convenient environment and its further development. I want to state that I am sure that stability of macroeconomy will be provided under leadership of Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan Republic, upgrading of infrastructural network of the country to the modern level, improvement of investment environment within the frame of important successful steps. Fidelity of Azerbaijan to the democractic values and principles of market economy make positive and hopeful environment in the society of the country and as well as in foreign economic platforms.

We targeted to widen our works in prospective future, to fulfill our social responsibility, encouraging with acquired results. Thus "Evsen" Group governing with slogan "Always on the duty of service...", will strengthen his leadership in country economy, as the international Azerbaijan Company will go ahead with confident steps.

We express our gratitude to our clients and employees, who made great merits on successful results and upgrading of "Evsen" Group of Companies to this level.